After the brawl, Enhanced Continue Peace Efforts

Padang for peace between the two sides after the brawl community Bidar Nagari Nature and Lubuak Malako kept walking. Thursday (16/09/2010) at about 16:30 p.m. Mapolres meeting in South Solok in seeking peace efforts, attended South Solok Regent oelh Muzni H Zakaria, Chairman of the Parliament of South Solok H Khairunas, South Solok Police Chief Djoko AKBP Try Sulo Sik, a few heads District Muspika SKPD Sangir Jujuan, Wali Nagari Bidar Bidar Nature and Natural Community leaders held a meeting in the search for peace efforts undertaken in South Solok Mapolres.

Whereas the Parties Lubuak Malako According to information from the Regent South Solok, society Lubuak Malako still being held meetings in an effort to seek peace at the village level.

Meanwhile, the peace efforts of the parties held at the Bidar Mapolres nature is contained in the points, that is very much regret over the conflict between nature and society Bidar Lubuak Malako which cost the lives, very able to get true peace as quickly as possible in both parties.

Then, once agreed to the guilty person to be settled by the rules and laws are passed, ready to not violate the peace agreement that will be agreed between both parties.

Then, to ensure no problems will occur again in the two respective regions, and highly Hope sutuju built, occupied and functioned Mapolsek which will be erected on the land border villages and Lubuak Malako Natural Bidar.

Ensure security and protect people who indulge and past the two warring villages, no more action of swiping or raids on communities in two villages that can cause interference Security and the slightest problem among the children who happened to be resolved prior deliberation by the people mamak old and problematic and if it does not manifest agreement among families were asked to report to law enforcement agencies.

The statement contained in these points will be read out to the community Lubuak Malako and requested feedback and input. On occasion, Wali Nagari Natural bidar Abas Ali Sabri said, society is not much tuntuatan Bidar Nature, which is important for peace on both sides.

According to him, he was ready to take responsibility and processed in accordance with the law if what is alleged is proved. "Right now I'm supposed as a provocateur and own guns, if indeed there is evidence he was ready to take responsibility along on hold and no evidence," he said.

"If proven in the arrest, he was ready to go to Mapolres," he said. for evidence if needed there are people who have records in just before the outbreak of this bloody brawl which took korabn soul.

Today, he continued, the public nature Bidar was no longer carrying a weapon where to go, so for the area of natural bidar situation is conducive. Meanwhile, community leaders bidar Nature Zulfardi Dt BANDARO say on behalf of the community very much regret the occurrence of riots that had memkan casualties.

"For that we sincerely hope that all peace efforts could soon become reality and return to normal activities," he hoped


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