All Police Alert

National Police Chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri Mapolsek ordered all across Indonesia on full alert. Command Chief of Police presented to the entire police chief.

Silver Overlay Mapolsek attack that killed three policemen, a police chief was driving out orders. Police do not want a similar case occurred in other areas.
Standby command was delivered via video conference with Police Chief Police Chief. "Chief of Police to submit to the Police," said Chief of Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General Iskandar Hasan at Police Headquarters on Thursday (23 / 9) afternoon.
According to Iskandar, made more stringent supervision of visitors police. "We serve the public, but we are careful," he said.
Police asked the staff to record a re-guns, bullets and ammunition. It was intended to determine in detail the amount of ammunition and the history of weapons owned.
According to Iskandar, from data collection will be known, whether the robbers use guns from police warehouses or not. "In order to have conceded or there is a person who used," he said.
Diversion of weapons from police warehouses, revealed when the Anti-Terror Detachment 88 arrested a suspected terrorist groups and involved military training in the interior of Aceh Nanggroe Darussalam few months ago.
The findings of police time, a number of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition is the disposal of weapons owned by the Police who should be destroyed due to expire.
Police officers working in the armory, then sell to a herd which suspected terrorists. "Police do not want that to happen again," said Iskandar.
From North Sumatra were reported, Police Chief Inspector General continues to pursue Oegroseno ensure herd unknown who attacked the Police Silver Overlay.
Oegro confirmed, it was never afraid and surrender to the terrorist act. "We are not afraid of this event," said Oegro.
Meanwhile, several members of Commission I insisted that the TNI was involved in the handling of the movement a terrorist group that has never stopped doing terror in some areas. Insistence that because board members assess the actions of terrorist groups have been very threatening.
Presented by members of the council's insistence when testing the fit and right kelaya Admiral Agus Suhartono as TNI chief candidate in the meeting room of Commission I in Jakarta, last night. "Police is not maximized, it should be military," said Max Sopacua, a member of the Democratic Faction.
Teguh Juwarno, a member of the PAN faction assess the Police are unable to handle the problem of terrorism which has been the responsibility of the Police.
Not only the terrorists, he said the police failed to prevent the occurrence of conflict in society. "The case of Tanjung, Manokwari. Now it has entered critical stage. Investment is interrupted, disturbed the public trust, "he said quoted by KCM.
Members of the PKS faction, Badri Syahfan Sampurno judge, the military should not stand watching the terrorist act as an increasingly bold attacks in Mapolsek ASKI Silver Overlay, Suma North tera.
According to him, the silence that TNI will weigh rise to speculation in the community. "People will speculate further if you see organic weapons (while raiding), crew cut hair," he said.
"We know exactly where wanted terrorist movement. Soon there will be movement to overthrow the state, "added TB Hasanuddin, Vice Chairman of Commission I of the House of Representatives.
Responding to the insistence that, Agus said the issue was being discussed at the Ministry of Defence. However, he said, the military saw the Police are still capable of handling terrorism.
"Overall the police are still able to control the situation. Even terrorists can still be arrested and prosecuted hood, "said Chief of Naval Staff that.


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