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The police had indeed been arrested six of the robbers depalan three Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at Bung Hatta University Campus I (UBH), Padang, Saturday (25 / 9). However, these brown shirted officials still have to work hard. At the very least, to capture two criminals who still roam the slopes of Mount Sinaggalang, and ensure relevant whether or not this group of robbers with terrorist networks.

"Meanwhile, this case (robbery) of pure 365 (Article 365 KUH Crime: Theft with violence)," said Police Chief Brigjend West Sumatra (Pol) Andayono, when a news conference at Police Headquarters in West Sumatra, on Monday (9/27/2010). Police chief's assertion is supported by a description of a robber, or M Ihsan Ihsan Gapar already interrogated in Mapolresta Padang. According to Wong, the group did not know anything with terrorist networks. They rob only to the needs of the group.

Even so, the information is not yet supported M Ihsan strong data. For example, how the formation of these groups who live scattered in some parts of Sumatra addition, where they get their original weapons.

To reveal how the formation of this network, West Sumatra Police still have to wait for the results of a communication tool used mobile phone robbers, by the Police Headquarters Detachment 88. While the matter of weapons, new police analyze the type, but can not reveal who the supplier of arms to the robber.

In front of reporters, police chief Andayono just make sure, three pistols (two Baretta, one FN), which found it was not made by PT Pindad, the State Company which manufactures ammunition Police and TNI. Police said the three robbers who had seized weapons officer, is a long weapon that was used in conflict areas.

"Baretta Firearms was the type commonly used in the State Fhilipina and Thailand. And mark browning pistol FN type that is made in Belgium. The weapon is not used by the Police and TNI. These weapons are commonly used in conflict areas, even the GAM (Free Aceh Movement) also never use it, "explained Andayono.

Andayono said, police are still trying hard to make sure who the owner or supplier of arms to the robber. Allegations while the police, the gun obtained illegally robber supplied from abroad. "We have illegal guns easy to get into Indonesia, usually weapons from abroad that can enter and circulate in Indonesia memalui waters and entered the small islands in Indonesia. There are thousands of islands in Indonesia, making it difficult for the officers watched," said Police Chief .

Alluding to seven shoots firearms (three pistols, four long larasa) are suspected to still be brought in by two robbers, not yet certain. "Perampoknya still being pursued," said the former Wakapolda Riau Islands.

Meanwhile, on the slopes of Mount Singgalang, precisely in the region Sinayan Feed Nagari, Banuhampu District, West Sumatra Police Agam joint team is still on alert. Partly continue combing the area. Earlier on Saturday (25 / 9) and in the region denam robbers managed arrested after gunfire about two hours. Of the six robbers, four of whom died. Currently living is Ihsan and Khairil. Ihsan has been examined in Mapolresta Padang, while Khairil origin Pekanbaru, Riau, still being treated in hospital Bhayangkara.

Chief of Police until yesterday not sure when the troops will be withdrawn from Banuhampu, Agam. He only targets, two unknown robbers who named Blue and Rahman quickly arrested. "Until now, members are still on alert. When will the troops be withdrawn not yet certain, that clearly our goal to find and arrest the perpetrators," said Police Chief.

Only of concern, after three days of searching could be both the perpetrator was not located around the slopes of the volcano. This is because, Iwan a brother Rahmat homeowners who made the headquarters of robbers in Pariaman, are citizens of East Pariaman. "It could be their escape Iwan know the terrain," said Police Chief.

Therefore, the police chief instructed the staff to close all access to the outside entrance area. Citizens, for the time being, are also required away from the slopes of Mount Singgalang. "The citizens could be threatened. We guessed, the two actors were carrying firearms," police chief commentator.

Further explained, until yesterday had not yet received reports about the presence of both actors, from members who alerted the Banuhampu. So far, police found the weapon type FN, shoes, belts, and an ATM card BCA. Wife Grace secured.

In Pariaman, approximately at 13:00 pm, police arrested Eni Herath (34), wife Grace has turned himself in to police on Saturday (25/09/2010) last evening. Residents Pauh Kaciak Koto, District of North Pariaman, Pariaman was arrested in the vicinity of an electronics store, where she worked. Simultaneously, members of the Police Mobile Brigade Pariaman and continued combing the house and searched the Grace, which is used as the headquarters of the robber.

padang Grace's house, the joint team found a sack containing a white cloth worn embedded in the ground in the kitchen. Adj Brimob AKBP Pradah Pinunjul, who also took to the location of suspect, sack the former place to store rifles. "But, we did not find weapons," said Pradah.

In Mapolresta Pariaman, Eni Herath denied participating in robbery. He claimed it was in the house when burglars plan of action. But he said, do not know anything. Kapolresta Pariaman AKBP Day was accompanied by visible Reskrim Maryadi PPA Hendri Yahya revealed, Herath Eni admitted receiving money from Iwan, brother Rahmat as much as USD 5 million.

"But, Eni Herath said he did not know if the money given to him that Iwan is the money from an ATM robbery in the city of Padang," said Day. Until yesterday, police continued to guard the house of Grace. Police suggests related items discarded ATM robberies around the house.


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