Find Truth Investigation Team Information

Ibukota Kabupaten Buol, Provinsi Sulawesi Tengah yang berbatasan langsung dengan Provinsi Gorontalo di ujung utara Pulau Sulawesi.
The investigation team headed by Deputy Police Chief Joseph State Komjen Manggabarani is currently located in Buol. The team consisting of Pofesi and Security Division (Propam) Police were on duty to seek the truth about the riots in Buol, Central Sulawesi.

"Including the truth in case of violations committed by members polr," said Chief of Police Public Relation Division, Brig (Pol) Iskandar Hasan at Police Headquarters, Thursday (09/02/2010).

To what extent the findings of the investigative team, Iskandar claimed had not yet received updated information, because the new team up to hammer this morning.

Previously reported, deputy this afternoon met with the families of the victims and society Buol. In that meeting, the Chairman asked the Police remove Indigenous Buol Police officials deemed responsible.

Riots in Biau, Buol regency was happening triggered the death of a resident named Kashmir Timumun (19). According to residents, Kashmir died of tortured while in police custody. Residents who do not accept then attacked Polsek office, resulting in residents and officials clashed.

Kashmir was the cause of death will didalami by the investigation team, because there are other versions. Iskandar said that there is a version that mentioned Kashmir suicide.

Kashmir was arrested while on a wild motorcycle races. When about to be arrested, Kashmir declined and instead crashed into the police. Cashmere can then be arrested and secured. "Said the police where he committed suicide in his cell," said Iskandar.

In addition to the internal team, the Police also opened access to other agencies if you want to investigate this subject. "We are open access, such as National Human Rights Commission please come," said Iskandar.


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