FSSM Must Show Real Action For Ranah Minang

Merchant friendship forum Minang (FSMM) after the third meeting this year 2010, must show concrete action for his hometown's Domain Minang. They are expected to jointly build the economy in West Sumatra.

"This is good FSSM activity, because of these events the origin of Minang pebisinis or merchant can capture network. But to make it more useful anymore for our Nagari, FSSM should show real action from their activities," said Economic Expert Padang State University Prof. Amar Syamsul to Padang Today, Thursday (09/16/2010).

He considered, in order to advance the economy Sumbar not enough just with the thought alone. "Action konkritlah the most important here," he added.

Local governments in this regard, he said, also should fix the regulation to ease the process of the merchants had invested in his hometown, Ranah Minang. The reason is one of the obstacles businesses reluctant to invest in West Sumatra, due to difficulties in the process.

"If the provincial government, districts and cities in West Sumatra have been providing various facilities, it wants businesses to invest too quickly materialized," he explained


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