The Indonesia-Netherlands relationship Fine

Padang between Indonesia and the former penjajahnya, the Netherlands, the better especially after the Dutch high officials attended the Independence Anniversary in 2005 and in Jakarta.

Indonesia's ambassador to Holland, JE Habibie reiterated the two countries bilateral relations better when given a speech in the diplomatic reception which was held on Independence Anniversary sekaitan to-65 in Wisma Duta, Wassenaar, on the edge of The Hague, Thursday (16 / 9 / 2010) ago.

Attending the reception of Dutch High Council Chairman Rene van der Linden, Chairman of Parliament Gerdi Verbeet, Dutch Agriculture Minister Mrs. Gerda Verburg, EU parliamentarian Johannes Cornelis van Baalen, and do not forget former Minister Bernard Bot.

According to Ambassador Habibie, who is often addressed as Fannie Habibie, Bot to visit Indonesia year 2005 it has opened a new chapter for both countries.

"Such visits have opened a new page in our bilateral relations are now more closely and more mature," said Fannie Habibie.

To strengthen the relationship, Fannie said, in the near future the two countries will sign the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement or the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement that creates a true partnership between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Comprehensive Partnership Agreement, it is still called Fannie, will be signed when President Yudhoyono visited the Netherlands in October next month.


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