Last Night, Two Fires in Padang two fires occurred in Padang. First, the region of Padang Raya Market Theater. Both a culinary shop selling typical Minang place at Jalan Veteran, Thursday (23 / 9).
There were no fatalities in the incident. But in the shop Minang Culinary five occupants got stuck on the third floor, one man was rushed to the hospital because of shortness of breath.
Culinary Minang fire occurred at 22:30 pm, allegedly while the fire originated from a short circuit. In Padang Theater, a fire occurred at around 21:10 pm. Fires allegedly due to negligence.
Reni, 39 residents of Minang Culinary says, she initially smelled smoke, not long after the smoke billowing up to the third floor where he and other family lived.
"We were surprised to see a bigger fire, cash only we were hysterical and ran to the fourth floor," said Reni, to Singgalang.
"I do not know where it came from the fire, which obviously I turn off the stove has been since at 20.00 pm before," said Reni.
The flames clearly visible from outside the shop, as a result of local residents and road users were shocked and shouted to tell the others.
"I see the fire growing, I was shocked. Then I heard people in the shop for help, I then shouted fire to other citizens, "said Rudi, one eyewitness.
Head of the Fire Department and Disaster Management Padang, Eddy Asri said it rushed le site to provide help. He estimated the loss of millions of dollars. "The loss is not too big, but we worry about the result of fires that could trigger a more intense fire. Especially in the area of Padang Theater. Too late, we arrived, it could be a gray area, "said Eddy.
Meanwhile, members of the West Padang police confiscated a tape recorder that burns in Minang Culinary Girls. According to the strong suspicion that the fire originated from the tape.


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