Nokia flooded Smartphone Market

Padang does not want to be as imitators in class smartphone. Therefore, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer would menggerojok smart mobile phone market with several types simultaneously. Nokia World 2010 event which began to take place Tuesday (9/14/2010) in London, England, an early introduction of a new family of Nokia smartphones. Smart phone that is E7, C7, C6 and, N8 which uses the Symbian operating system. "Today is the beginning of the Nokia fight to become the market leader in smartphones," said Niklas Savander, vice president of Market Executice Nokia, yesterday. According Savander, Symbian operating system is the most widely used Nokia because of the ease and speed.

He explained that the latest Nokia products, N8, is a high-ends that use Symbian3 smart phone. While Nokia E7 is a development of the Nokia Communicator 9000 which was first issued in 1996. Meanwhile, the C7 and C6 is a cell phone that emphasize social networking features. "There are over 250 features in Symbian and has been used for more than 50 million smartphones in the world," he explained.

Nokia N8 (which was introduced in April and go on sale later this month) is claimed to beat its competitors with 12 mega pixel camera. However, the disadvantage of having a slower processor than the top model of Samsung, Galaxy, S, and the iPhone 4G. "When N8 introduced to the market, then the other device will be launched. Nokia hopes to lay the foundation stone for the recovery from the attack hit a very competitive product markets," said Ben Wood, research director at CCS Insight.

The statement was at once became a big commitment to Symbian and Nokia to improve its competitive products using the latest Symbian operating system. Nokia Symbian operating system has not been able to attract a large number of interested software developers to create applications that are compatible. This is a key point for high-end mobile phone sales


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