500 Billion Investment for Anai Resort Basko

Padang Ekspres.net-Padang Pariaman - Anai Resort will be a tourist icon West Sumatra in the future. By making various improvements so that tourists would be the object of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It is expected that tourists from various corners will travel to that location.

"We will build all kinds there. Of the millions of foreigners, are expected to fifty percent will come to see this tourist attraction. Anai Resort will be a tourist icon West Sumatera, "revealed Basrizal Koto who will invest in a tourist attraction located in the district of Padang Pariaman it.

Regarding financing, Koto Basrizal plead not matter, as long as local government support. Minang that many entrepreneurs do business in Pekanbaru was menyeutkan amount of 500 billion rupiah to develop Anai Resort for the next five years ..

While for other tourist attraction like Maninjau, twin lakes, he says, is supporting the object that enables tourists to come to West Sumatra tida only one day but can reach 3 or 4 days .. Through tourists visit it, will give a multi effects for society at large.

"We're very optimistic. Especially with the expression of the Governor who is very enthusiastic. It's incredible. So we need pacemakers, "Basko said.

Despite the optimistic and confident about investing for Anai Resort, Basko has not made the transaction. Because the new Governor of West Sumatra government representing communicate with commitment. But it has given the motivation and enthusiasm high for him to develop tourism in West Sumatra.

"We're optimistic. The local government will support you by preparing infrastructure facilities. If I had to wake up facilities and infrastructure, we are not strong. Where only one investment, prasrana facilities were built by the government. By adding this impacts on local communities Sumbar very unusual, "he explained.
Memperlihatka seriousness, even explicitly stating Basko will postpone first investaasi elsewhere. He will prioritize this program. Whereas in the program have been compiled in the last year, at the end of the year 2010 at least at the beginning of 2011, he will membagun tens floor building in Riau.

'We postpone the investment in place this will be our priority lain.Prograam. Agreements with regional governments have not, because we've only halal bi halal, so only the commitment only. For me, it is enough for launch. We waited for the governor. And optimistic. We do not want to tell you much, but real evidence. In this case I bet the imaging and image, " he explaine


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