So not only scholars technocrats, But Create technocrats

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Padang Imam Bonjol graduates Padang is not only a mere technocrat.
However, how can create a technocrat. increase quality academics IAIN Imam Bonjol Padang fore need to be improved on.

Thus said the Rector IAIN IB Padang Sirajuddin Prof. Dr. H. Zar, the Supreme Court when giving a speech before graduates of first class graduates in 2010 and dies natalist IAIN Building IB at Taman Budaya Padang Padang, Saturday (18/09/2010).

Present on the occasion wisudawa scholars and dies natalist IAIN the IB Padang, Padang IB IAIN Senate, and Vice Chairman of the General Alumni Association (ILUNI) IAIN IB Zaili Asril Padang H St., and the entire academic civitas IAIN IB Padang.

It is said, in terms of physical development IAIN building will also be addressed IB Padang. "In fact we currently purchase approximately 50 hectares of land to be built will be launched at the same time the Islamic State University of West Sumatra," said Sirajuddin.

IAIN Kedepam Padang IB will enter into agreements with several existing ministries. These include the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Governor of West Sumatra, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.


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