Raja Ampat Islands, Coral Reefs and Fish

Padangekspres.net-Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan asked the head of optimizing environmental conservation. The area is sustainable, and beautiful to attract domestic and foreign tourists to visit so as to increase local revenues.

The beauty of Raja Ampat is famous nautical up to foreign countries and I've proved this with his own dive.
- Zulkifli Hasan

Zulkifli convey this in a meeting with the ranks of the Government of Sorong and Raja Ampat, West Papua, Raja Ampat, Saturday (10/02/2010) night. Forestry Minister, accompanied by Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation Darori, Director General Bambang Soepijanto Planning and Business Development Director of Forestry Iman Santoso around Papua and West Papua's forests and conservation review.

"The beauty of Raja Ampat is famous nautical up to foreign countries and I've proved this with his own dive. It does not mean should not expand the area (with a change in the status area), but the government must pay attention and manage the environment as PAD," said Minister of Forestry.

According to Minister of Forestry, the district government could propose the expansion of territory by proposing changes to the status of forest conversion of existing production. However, Zulkifli confirmed for conversion of land to be well planned so as not to damage the environment.

Ministry of Forestry is now promoting tourism investment in the conservation area by government regulation No. 36/2010. Permission nature tourism previous years can now be taken care of within three months.

Raja Ampat area has now become an international tourist destination area who are interested in marine tourism. Crystal clear waters, coral reefs as the place to fish is prolific, and beautiful ornamental fish became the main attraction area.

"If beauty is damaged, the loss of Raja Ampat own people. If an outsider, they are now looking for a new place to visit," said Minister of Forestry.

Previously, Regent Marcus Raja Ampat Wanmar ask Menhut change the status of conservation forest areas to be utilized as agricultural land and residential areas. At least 80 percent of 1 million hectares from the Raja Ampat is a nature reserve and conservation.

Raja Ampat regency status of the area complained that they made it difficult to build. As the construction of a public hospital, which some buildings are in the nature reserve.

Raja Ampat has a population of 50,000 inhabitants. Most of the work as fishermen and eco-tourism, which grew to seven last year. Raja Ampat, born in 2003 has an area of 429,462 hectares of conservation areas.

According to Marcus, changes in the area urgently needed because 80 percent of them are aquatic. Raja Ampat consists of four main islands, namely Salawati, Wajeo, Lisol, and Batanta, with 640 small islands.

Contacted in Jakarta, Indonesia Greenomics Executive Director Elfian Effendi said, Indonesia could achieve environmental services, ecotourism revenues at least 68.44 billion U.S. dollars per year of conservation areas and protected forest area of 54.75 million hectares. This assumption is calculated based on average earnings over the optimization of international tourism receipts per hectare per year.

"Unfortunately, Indonesia is still not able to optimize the revenue potential of this ecotourism. Revenue from ecotourism has yet to reach 6.8 billion U.S. dollars today," said Elfian.


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