Fuel oil consumption reaches 31.66 million kiloliters

Padang ekspres.net-Down Stream Oil and Gas Regulating Agency (BPH Migas) said consumption of subsidized fuel oils in the January - October 2010 period reached 31.662 million kiloliters.

Head of BPH Migas Tubagus Haryono said here on Wednesday that the realized consumption of fuel oil in that period accounted for 86.92 percent of the target set in the revised 2010 state budget which stood at 36.5 million kiloliters.

"But the data have yet to be verified by BPH Migas," he said here on Wednesday.

He said that of the realized distribution of subsidized fuel oils, a total of 18,948,335 kiloliters were subsidized premium gasoline, or about 88.57 percent of the target in the revised state budget at 21,433,664 kiloliters, kerosene 2,009,770 kiloliters or 52.8 percent of the quota of 3.8 million kiloliters and diesel oil totaled 10,668,196 kiloliters or 95.3 percent of the quota of 11.194 million kiloliters. (antara)


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