Ba'asyir raised Rp 1 billion to fund terror: prosecutors

Padang suspect Abu Bakar Ba'asyir allegedly raised Rp 1 billion (US$112,000) to buy firearms, ammunition and set up a terrorist training camp in Aceh, prosecutors say.

Ba'asyir allegedly gave Rp 5 million (US$ 560) and an additional $5,000 directly to Joko Pitono in Ngruki, Central Java, according to the sentence demand read by prosecutors at Ba'asyir's trial at the South Jakarta District Court on Monday.

Prosecutors said that Ba'asyir instructed Jamaah Anshorud Tauhid (JAT) members in several areas to donate money to support terrorism, raising Rp 80 million from supporters in Bima, Rp 160 million from supporters in Surakarta, Rp 25 million from those East Java and Rp 250 million in Bekasi.

Also implicated in the fund raising by prosecutors were Thoyib, Syarif Usman, Hariyadi Usman, Abul Hakim, Uqbah, Afif Abul Majid, Abdul Haris, Yudo, and Ubaid.

According to prosecutors, money collected by Ubaid was transferred to Dulmatin, the notorious terrorist in charge of the training, to purchase firearms such as AK-47 assault rifles, revolvers and ammunition.

Prosecutors further said that the weapons were used in the deadly heist of CIMB Niaga Bank and the Newnet Internet cafe in Medan.

"The attack sparked fear in those who directly experienced or witnessed the actions," lead prosecutor M. Taufiq said as quoted by


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