Komodo park suspension from New7Wonders 'a threat'

Padang ekspres.net-The recent announcement of the potential suspension of Indonesia’s Komodo National Park from the New7Wonders of Nature finalist list was a result of its refusal to host the declaration of the winners of the contest, Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik says.

Indonesia had refused to host the event based on the cost involved, about US$45 million, Jero said Thursday, as quoted by kompas.com.

“Apparently they are threatening me. Indonesia doesn’t want to be the host, so they'll dismiss Komodo [from the finalists list],” Jero said, citing statements from New7Wonders Foundation officials, after attending a plenary Cabinet meeting at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on Wednesday evening.

“I responded as I’ve told you; we don’t to be the host because it’s expensive. When they threaten us, my nationalism is stirred. Why would I want to be threatened by an NGO like them? It may not even be a credible foundation.

“I sent them a letter saying we don’t want to [host the declaration]. They said they would issue the verdict on Feb. 7,” Jero added.

The New7Wonders Foundation announced recently in its website www.new7wonders.com, "... due to certain legal commitments and official pledges not being honored, [New7Wonders] may be forced to suspend Komodo as a finalist from the Official New7Wonders of Nature campaign on February 7. Discussions are underway to aim to resolve this matter positively.”


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