RI 1998 crisis more severe than Egypt: UI rector

Padangekspres.net-University of Indonesia rector Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri downplayed the ongoing political crisis in Egypt, claiming the political and social unrest in Indonesia in 1998 was “more severe”.

Gumilar said Saturday that the unrest in Egypt was in response to a lack of democracy and public freedom, adding, however that “Egypt does not face a financial crisis such as we experienced in 1998”.

He added Egypt's most pressing social issue was high unemployment, while in 1998, Indonesia faced a collapsing economic system, soaring poverty and unemployment rates and large social disparity.

“We passed through the period well,” Gumilar was quoted as saying by news portal tempointeraktif.com after leading the graduation ceremony of 3,498 University of Indonesia students in Depok, West Java.


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