Freezing Citibank operations among legislator recommendations

Commission XI legislator overseeing banking, Laurens Bahang Dama, said they have come up with several tentative recommendations regarding the Citibank embezzlement scandal.

"Commission XI will recommend that Bank Indonesia look into banking practices and their violations," he said.

The recommendations were aimed at the case in which Inong Malinda, aka Malinda Dee - a senior relationship manager at Citibank - allegedly siphoned at least Rp 17 billion (US$2 million) from her clients’ accounts.

The recommendations include freezing Citibank operations, a thorough investigation of a client death and investigating other embezzlement practices similar to Melinda's.

Citibank client Irzen Octa allegedly died at the hands of debt collectors contracted by Citibank.

The final recommendations would be announced after the House plenary meeting on Thursday, he said.


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