The Indonesian Legendary Journalist Passes Away Indonesian senior and reputable journalist Rosihan Anwar passed away in a treatment at MMC Hospital in Jakarta on Thursday. The legendary journalist sent to the hospital because of heart problems since March died at 89.

Rosihan Anwar was born in Kubang Nan Dua, West Sumatra on May 10, 1922. The renowned author received early education at HIS and MULO in Padang. He continued his school at AMS in Yogyakarta and often participated journalism workshop at Columbia University, New York.

He began his career as a reporter of Asia Raya newspaper during Japanese invasion. In 1947, he founded Siasat magazine. He was also the founder and editor of Pedoman newspaper, which was twice forcibly banned by Soekarno regime (1961) and Suharto's New Order administration (1974), because of its vocal criticism of the authoritarian regime.

Rosihan Anwar was not interested in power, but more of conscience and of culture. He wrote criticism in local and foreign media. He was one of the founders of the National Film Company (Perfani). He was well known as writer, and published 30 books and wrote hundreds of articles mostly in Indonesian. (


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