Jakarta turned in the largest share of tax forms

Padangekspres.net-Jakarta topped other regions in the amount of returned 2010 tax forms (SPT) this year, with 18.69 percent of the some 7,900,000 SPT documents from the capital making their way to the Tax Office.

Liberti Pandiangan, head of the Tax Office directorate of obedience and monitoring, said that the percentage did not represent taxpayer obedience.

“It could be that [the region] has the most taxpayers, or [it might be influenced by] the taxpayers’ location being far from the place to return SPT,” he said.

The tax office received 7,946,390 SPT this year.

West Java contributed 14.4 percent to the total amount, while East Java, Central Java, Banten, Riau and Riau Islands and North Sumatra contributed 13.32 percent, 10.80 percent, 5.24 percent, 4.76 percent and 4.64 percent respectively.


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