Police 10 percent closer to naming suicide bomber

Padangekspres.net-West Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Suparni Parto said that they were 90 percent sure that the suicide bomber who attacked a mosque at the Cirebon Police compound was Muhammad Syarif.

According to Suparni, the police had matched 90 percent of the identity marks of the suicide bomber with that of Muhammad.

“The remaining is left to the verification of DNA test results with the family members of Muhammad, who have been brought to Jakarta,” he said on Saturday.

The police brought the family of Muhammad from their residence in Cirebon to Jakarta for DNA tests.

Suparni added that the police were currently focusing on identifying the suicide bomber and not the motive.

“We still have to collect and verify facts and data. We do not want to jump to quick conclusions. We need time,” he said, as reported by tempointeraktif.com.

He further added that the police would question at least 30 witnesses, including police officers who were injured in the attack.

“In addition, we will question other police officers and civilians nearby the location when the incident occurred,” he said, adding that the police had already questioned nine people.(thejakartapost.com)


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