Police release photo of Indonesan bomb suspect

Padangekspres.net-Residents have identified a photo released by authorities of a suspect in the suicide bombing of an Indonesian mosque where police were praying, police said Saturday.

Thirty people, mostly policemen, were wounded in the blast Friday in the West Java town of Cirebon.

Police spokesman Maj. Gen. Anton Bahrul Alam said a number of people contacted police and identified the person in the photo as Muhammad Syarif, 24, a Cirebon resident and prepaid cellphone card seller.

Police are taking Syarif's parents and brother to Jakarta for a DNA test, he said.

Forensic investigators have been examining the DNA of the suspected bomber, whose mangled body was found at the scene of the blast. His head is still intact.

Alam said the bomber was wearing five layers of pants to hide the bomb strapped to his body.

Friday's attack was the first on a mosque in Indonesia since extremists began targeting the predominantly Muslim country a decade ago, when the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah network attacked two crowded nightclubs on Bali island, killing 202 people, mostly foreign tourists.


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