Somalia supports military action to free Indonesian hostage Ambassador to Indonesia Muhamod Olow Barow said Wednesday that the best way to rescue the 20 Indonesian crew members held hostage by Somali pirates was through negotiation, adding that his government was ready to help.

The 20 crewmen aboard the MV Sinar Kudus cargo ship, owned by PT Samudra Indonesia, were taken hostage in March by Somali pirates. The pirates have demanded a ransom payment of at least US$3 million.

“Other countries such as Malaysia and India negotiate first and foremost with the pirates. If that does not work, then they take military action,” he said.

He added that the number of groups negotiating the release should be kept to a minimum to avoid having the pirates increase their ransom with a certain group.

PT Samudra Indonesia and the Indonesian government are conducting negotiations with the pirates.

He further said Somalia would support whatever option, including military action, Indonesia chose to free the crew.

“We are ready to provide intelligence information,” he added, as reported by


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