Group demands reopening of 2005 Nazaruddin forgery case

Padang group says it will demand police reopen the investigation of Democratic Party treasurer M Nazaruddin who was alleged to have falsified documents in 2005.

Masinton Pasaribu, a former 1998 activist, said Nazaruddin was arrested by police for a month in 2005 in an alleged document forgery case, but then later released for unclear reasons.

Masinton said Nazaruddin had falsified documents to clear the way for his company, PT Anugerah Nusantara, to win a tender held by the Industry Ministry.

“We demand that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono does not protect a party cadre who was involved in crimes.

"We urge the President and the Jakarta Police chief to reopen the 2005 Nazaruddin case,” Masinton said Wednesday as quoted by


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