6 Months, All Cases P21

Padangekspres.net-Throughout 2011, the Police Padangpanjang've managed to handle seven drug cases to the submission of the file to the District Attorney (Kejari) local.

This was conveyed by Invisible Drugs, PPA Masran when found in Mapolresta Padangpanjang Express Padang, on the sidelines of a series of anniversary events Bhayangkara, last Thursday (23 / 6).

Each of the seven cases the drug that is, the two owners of 30 kg of marijuana, Agus Mulyana from North Sumatra and risky Pasaman origin. File Sulaiman (38) owner who caught 19 kg of marijuana in Silaiang Down in April.

Next file a number of cases of cannabis users with evidence and crime scenes, two rolled marijuana in the market Padangpanjang, a rolled-in X Koto, 7 envelopes in Batipuh and one envelope in Tanjung Mutiara

"Last file we have to give up is shabu shabu possession cases as much as half the suspects Sulisman ji (31). Today we are still waiting for information from the prosecutor, when the suspect and evidence must be submitted to them," said Masran.

He mentioned, shabu shabu suspect this is the result of the arrest of Police Padangpanjang ranks last in May 2011. The perpetrator is a resident of Padang Pauh V, was about to conduct a transaction with one who is domiciled in Padanpanjang.

"However, before they met, the officer arrested the suspect hurried. From his testimony during examination time, the suspect failed to meet a potential buyer," the story Masran.

Once submitted the file, suspects and evidence in the case of the shabu shabu, Masran said already completed all drug cases during the first semester in 2011.

"No more cases are left on the current drug unit. Currently our officers chasing a target concentration of operations (TO) has long been disturbing the community Padangpanjang. Hopefully in the near future, we managed to secure them," he said.


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