Aero Sport Show Minang Sumatra Eat Victim aero plane minang sports participants boast (MASS) 2011 that is doing the attractions fell around 17:30 last Thursday (23 / 6). The plane that crashed was the plane kind of dragonfly eagle krestein N 21 H.

Captain unknown aircraft that crashed was Zakaria Saleh who is a Malaysian citizenship.

Fortunately, despite falls around residential communities at Jalan Padang Black Galaxi stumps, the plane did not hit home residents, so there are no citizens who become victims.

But in this incident resulted in severe injury Aircraft Captain and the right hand end, the Malaysian captain was immediately rushed to Government General Hospital (Dr) M Djamil Padang.

Meanwhile, aware of this incident Padang Mayor Fauzi Bahar directly survey the location.

This incident is the second day of attractions MASS 2011 which, once opened directly by the Governor of West Sumatra Irwan Prayitno yesterday Wednesday (22 / 6).

From Monitoring this incident could become a spectacle of citizens, because the crash is accompanied by a loud enough noise.


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