Agam RPJMD not Side with the Nagari Disadvantaged implementation of village development programs in Agam need to work hard. The reason, of the 82 villages in Agam, as many as 15 villages of which are villages left behind due to the earthquake 30 September 2009.

Viewing policy diambiloleh related parties, in dire need of attention, but has not seen ironic sekasi a significant program to fix that has been designated as villages left behind by the district government through a decision Agam Agam district in 2010.

Agam Asrinaldi Aganggota Parliament on Friday (10 / 6) mengatkan, in preparation RPJMD Agam submitted to Parliament not perfect, because in rancanganya seen no spatial development, especially to accelerate the development of villages remained untouched, in the design of these RPJMD.

This shows the weakness of partisanship Agam district government against pembangunaan area districts that have been designated as a village teringgal, that in fact the largest contributor to the current poverty rate since the village is mendandapatkan impact of natural bencaana frequent lately.

In fact, village development programs, particularly the established villages left behind by the regents should be promptly responded, but only a small part of touching up to remote villages. This is allegedly for not
cooperative Agam district government in view the needs of villages.

"It has been more than two years of 15 villages in Agam designated as disadvantaged villages desebabkan Natural disasters, one village Salreh Aia, both planned infrastructure improvements and economic society is not reflected in terpereinci in RPJM Agam, we have suggested in a meeting with the local government recently This need for analysis in the swat attack RPJMD Agam regulations in 2011, "said Asrinaldi.


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