Bridge Housing Jebol cliffs, Thousands Isolated rain which flushed the South Coast district on Wednesday (22 / 6) at 22.00 pm Painan overflow resulting stem. The overflow is accompanied by strong river currents at the time, resulting in the right side of the bridge cliff Housing East Painan broken.

Currently visible ground anchoring foundation right part of the upstream bridge hollow as it continues to hit the stream. Because it threatens the safety of passing, so that given a line of police (polis Lene) so as not to pass the vehicle.

Although the current officers of the Department of PSDA has lowered eskapator heavy equipment to move piles of material that the river flows under control, but residents still high anxiety. This caused kerana Kecamasan rain predicted to continue.

"Concrete bridge with a length of 25 meters, is the main route of transportation and Timbulun village residents Housing East Painan. So as a result of damage that makes people disrupted transportation flows. Now the citizens of Housing and Timbulun forced to divert the road to pincuran Boga to get to market or district office , "said Budi 37, a resident of Housing, told the Express yesterday Padang.

Dikatakanya, the number of souls who inhabit the two settlements were reached five thousand inhabitants, or about two thousand heads of households (HH). So large that residents hope the cliff right side of this bridge Terban permanently repaired immediately.

While the village guardian Painan, DTK Harwal Rajo to Padang Express Johan explained that threats will terbanya cliff right side of this bridge has long been predicted. Because the stream is always moving because of uncontrolled pile sendimen this continue to happen throughout the season.

"Hence, orally and in writing is due to the related offices, but until the incident has not been any response. In the two settlements there are five thousand inhabitants, so that definitely gives a big effect on people who are forced to move the road to get to Pincuran Boga to the central districts in Nagari Painan this, "he explained.

Head of the South Coastal District PU (Pessel), Ikhsanusataruddin, when contacted yesterday to explain that this treatment needs to be done totally by also involving the department involving Water Resources Management (PSDA). Now we've done handlers while by moving the stack of material in order to control the river flow. This is done through coordination between the PU with the PSDA.

"Because this is a vital means for citizens, so we try penangnanya totally involving these two agencies. Because this bridge across the river which is technically penangananya by PSDA. While the bridge by the department of Public Works. If this is not consistent, then it is feared that similar events will continue to threaten. Now that a vehicle is allowed to pass, however residents are urged to remain vigilant, because the predicted rain will continue flushed through the next few days, "he concluded.

Note: photo Perumnas bridge that was almost broken due to the cliff path to the right of the upstream Terban because of a swollen river swept away Wednesday at 22:00 pm.


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