Bukittinggi Ensure Implementation Readiness TDS

Padangekspres.net-One day before the Tour De Singkarak participants (TDS) crossed the Bukittinggi City, Tuesday (7 / 6) before ending the Stage III and Stage IV launch at the City of Bukittinggi. Bukittinggi City Government led directly Bukittinggi Mayor, Ismet Amzis doing his troops to see the readiness of the implementation of TDS 8-9 June 2011 tomorrow. Starting from the readiness of the organizing committee in the city of Bukittinggi, security and readiness in a series of activities penyam butane and the release will be done.

370 people Bukittinggi Police and Police personnel from Kodim 4.3 Agam, Bukittinggi and sat Pol PP DishupKominfo consisting of 40 persons per institution and 10 people from Den will secure way Pom Bukittinggi Tour De Singkarak (TDS). Planned participants from fifteen countries the participants will reach the Finish Stage III and Stage IV Bukittinggi Starting today (Wednesday (8 / 6)-ed).

Police Bukittinggi, Vishnu AKBP Andayana degree ceremony was over the troops in the Field Canteen, Tuesday (7 / 6) to ensure safety standards are in compliance with personnel needs, but if there is a lack of security will be in aid again with reserve personnel.

Hereinafter described, in accordance with a given circular Bukittinggi Mayor, Ismet amzis, one hour before the participants TDS passing lane, the relevant agencies already have to sterilize or clear a path so that the participants will easily sped toward the finish line. For every piece of safety roads totaling about 230 penggaljalan, police along with all the security personnel as many as 506 people will be watching every piece bertiugas and crossing the road. On each team will be in place one officer.

"When certain channels are closed, every road will be given the signs and guarded by officers. So the error does not occur or circumstances that could endanger the participants," said police chief.

Bukittinggi Mayor, Ismet Amzis accompanied by the Head of Market Management, Head of Unit Satpolk Supadria PP, Syafnir and Head of Culture and Tourism, June Amri check all readiness of implementation of these international iven to the field. Readiness of the Clock Tower area of ​​the park which will be the star and finish the participants as well as a place for the delivery of prizes for winners in Stage III later.

Ismet amzis convey Bukittinggi is completely ready to welcome participants in national and international TDS yangakan layover in Bukittinggi, tomorrow (today, red). According to the mayor and the report of the committee that examined the condition of the field until yesterday, was well ordered.

"We're ready iven the success of this international, in terms of security and the routes to be taken is set up as possible. We hope that all series kegaiatan can proceed smoothly. So too smoothly into the world Bukittinggi international campaign mission as one of the areas that peantas become a place for in the visit, "please the mayor to Padang Ekspres, at Regions Park Clock Tower, Tuesday (7 / 8).

Participants from fifteen countries by Ismet Amzis is a media campaign to promote itself to the city of Bukittinggi world community. Therefore, according to the mayor, the best services and convenience implementation of the activities is the main thing people need to be highlighted, in order to create a good image for the city tour.

"The annual international Iven has successfully become one of the world sporting calendar, is the best chance of Bukittinggi in the world community know. At least with the comfort and beauty of the work presented Bukittinggi will add a lot of visits to Bukittinggi thanks to information from" personal to the personal "that ultimately increase traffic for our city, "said Mayor of Bukittinggi it.

Tourism actors involved in this activity Abdullah said, is expected to-provide maximum service to the visitors who come so they feel comfortable and want to go back to Bukittinggi. "We also called for the perpetrators attempt to enliven this international event by filling it with products that support socialization ivent-iven held," please Ismet Amzis


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