Citizens Emergency School Build new school year has arrived. Children in Jorong Pekoninainduk, Nagari Nature Pauh Duo, Duo Pauh Subdistrict South Solok district who will enter elementary school (SD) should be prepared to learn in the classroom emergency. Because the nearest primary school there no longer able to accommodate students.

The only option, namely to build temporary schools. Through local government organizations, prime development has started since last Friday. Bloknol precisely in the region. The people there started cleaning and doing the leveling locations.

Head Jorong Pekoninainduk, Rudi when confirmed Padang Express revealed that the SD will be built just as much as one class. Tonggaknya made ​​of bamboo and the roof of tarpaulin.

"Tomorrow, residents will goro again. We speed up the completion. Because kids want to go to school. Enough with bamboo pillars and roof sheeting only. It is an emergency condition. But what could I do, than children not in school," he explained on Thursday (23 / 6) .

Teachers who will teach at the school emergency, will come from 03 elementary school teachers Pekonina. Therefore, there has been agreement with the SD. Thus, the new enrollment season, the kids in Pekoninainduk not worry can not attend school.

"We also plan to report to the education office about the situation here. The kids pretty much will go to elementary school. But it is not accommodated in the existing elementary school," he said


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