Drivers Towards Harau Valley

Director General of Marketing Tourism Ministry of Culture and Tourism Sapta Nirwandar RI with Bukittinggi Mayor Ismet Amzis, this morning, Thursday, (9 / 6) at around 09.00 am removing cyclists Tour de Singkarak participants (TDS) to Payakumbuh in Stage IV.

Disposal carried out in the garden of the Clock Tower. Previously all cyclists stayed in several hotels in Bukittinggi to rest after taking the most challenging routes in the TDS in Curved 44 Agam district.

All participants will go through Stage IV route to Valley Fifty Harau City district and is expected this afternoon at around 12.00 am The first racer will enter the finish line at a tourist attraction pride "Rang Pikumbuah"is. As usual all the roads to be traversed by the driver is closed until the last participant passed.

At Stage IV, participants will cross the route along the 59 kilometers to the real start is located in Tanjung Alam, about 9 miles from the Clock Tower Bukittinggi. Earlier in the Stage III participants along the 152 kilometers traveled more than Pariaman, Agam regency passed to the city of Bukittinggi through Curved 44. (pm)


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