Iran Has Opportunity rider Named Winner of 2011 TDS Amir Zargari bepeluang rider was crowned overall champion of the Tour de Singkarak (TDS) 2011. Until the fifth stage that has been implemented, riders who are members in Azad UniverCity (IUD) is still maintaining yellow jersey.

Even in the last stage he finished ranked first by recording the best time of 1 hour 50 minutes 35 seconds. Step Amir also followed two colleagues, Rahim Emami is only 0:04 seconds adrift while Golakhour Pourseyedi finish ranked third with a time of 00:06 seconds difference.

"With the resignation of Tabrish I feel a chance to replace that already digepegangnya title last year," said Amir Zargari after finish menyelesaikankan Stage V on Friday (10 / 6).

For Amir, ketidakikutan champion last year who is also from their own country team, Tabriz Petrochemical Team made her feel disadvantaged. Even on this achievement, he was determined to solve this international iven as good as possible.
Besides the right to wear the yellow jersey, Amir was also crowned as king of hill with a collection of 27 points and reserve the right to wear the red polka-dot jersey. Or seven points adrift of his partner Rahim rdari Emami.

As for the record the best time Indonesia still held racer Main Prima Sea Games, Great Alisyahbana with a total record time of 10:19:55 seconds despite specific Stage V is achieved their own colleagues, Robin Manulang. Its achievements, the Court is entitled to wear red and white jersey.

While the best sprinter is still controlled Terengganu rider Asia Pro-Cycling (TSG) Malaysia Chan Jae Jang with a collection of 13 points, or closed to within six points of the rider Polygon Sweet Nice (PSN) Surabaya, Herwin Jaya, which is now newly recorded seven points.

Its achievements, the 22-year-old man has the right to wear the green jersey again. "I never imagined that it would go according to plan. But I do not know what the results tomorrow (today, red), "said the man fondly called it Jang.

The team, a collection of the best time is still held by Azad UniverCity (IUA) of Iran with a collection of 30:38:33 seconds, or 22:02 seconds adrift of the President Prima Games Pelatnas Sea and Hong Kong followed China's Team 25:33 seconds adrift.


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