Milk research to be released in July: IPB Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) has announced that the results of its latest research into a suspected Enterobacter Sakazakii bacteria contamination in a number of baby formula products would be made public next month.

The IPB will forward the result to the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) before the publication, which will come at the beginning of July.

Legislators have been calling for the list of bacteria-contaminated baby formula products to be made public ever since IPB researchers found that 22.7 percent of 22 baby formula samples in circulation between 2003 and 2006 contained Enterobacter sakazakii, which has been associated with life-threatening infections such as meningitis.

IPB Rector Herry Suhardiyanto said the BPOM would announce the list in time.

“The brands will be announced. Whether [the results are] positive or negative. So [it will include] all brands currently circulating on the Indonesian market,” he said on Friday as quoted by

Deputy Rector for Research and Cooperation Anas M. Fauzi said that the product sampling was conducted exclusively by BPOM, with which the IPB and the Health Ministry’s Research division coordinated to determine the research methods.

“The samples are those listed by the BPOM. Out of 282 sampls, two-thirds of them, 64 samples, have been analyzed by the IPB. The 64 samples include 47 listed by the BPOM. All of the circulating [products] have been analyzed by the IPB,” he said.

Anas said the university would send the results to the BPOM next Monday morning.


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