Pasaman Hell for drug dealers sap of Panyabungan Penderes Madina district of North Sumatra bring marijuana to get the fare back kerantau. Border, Sat Drugs Marijuana Police Pasaman abort pasokkan to Bukit Tinggi.

Some time last Pasaman like hell for drug dealers. Only a matter of days, dozens of types of marijuana plus Kilograms Drugs Sabu - Sabu (SS) and a number of suspects arrested Police Drug Pasaman Sat, various locations.

Kapores Pasaman AKBP Gatot Santoso through Invisible Drugs PPA Jasril in this newspaper in Lubuk Sikaping Sunday (29 / 5) explains, following the arrest of four persons of students caught carrying cannabis as many as 15 packages of Dried Madina district of North Sumatra on Tuesday (24 / 5), on Saturday (28 / 5) at 01. 30. Pm, Sat Drugs Police re-arrested the Riand Pasaman Hidayat (22) suspected marijuana dealer 10 Pack Dry origin Pagaran Sigatar District Panyabungan Madina District of North Sumatra.

Thin-bodied men who daily work as penderes sap it, arrested over car Public Transport PO Son 7993 SW Simas nopol AP Police Station in front of Cubadak Nagari Padang Muara District Metinggi North Rao Pasaman, not far from the border of West Sumatra - Sumatra.

Riand bemula arrest of suspicion against the PO officers who ignored the Son Simas officers who tried to stop the bus. Found suspicious signs, the officers immediately gave chase. Not far from the original location, the bus is biased followed and stopped next to be brought back to the Police Station is to be examined.

Officer instinct was not wrong. Apparently there is something wrong on the bus. When searched, officers found a black duffel bags containing 10 packets of dried hemp rope tied black rapia. Investigate a calibaration, obtained information from the helper on the bus that the bag belonged to one of the passengers who sit dibangku Riand the back. When asked a question, he - he did not deny it.

According to the officer who examined the suspect in the police station Pasaman Sat Drugs, Marijuana obtained from the Mount Sapar Panyabungan Old Madina district of North Sumatra for subsequent transfer to Hendra in Bukit Tinggi to pay two million rupiah. From the description of the suspect, the information obtained in the unlawful transactions occurred thanks to the services of liaison Tobsan one prisoner at Bukit Tinggi.

Information that was scraped from the suspects was traced by a member to Bukit Tinggi. But unfortunately, Hendra called - called lawyer-order items not found, clearly Jasril.

To this newspaper on Sat Drugs Police Pasaman, Riand tell, as agreed with Sapar, if marijuana is up to the Hendra hand, then Riand will be rewarded for Two Million. "If not caught, the plan will be referred to the money I make back the cost to migrate to Bogor, obviously Riand who previously had to work in a restaurant in the City of Rain


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