Project Realization Low of project procurement in the region of six units of activity (SKPD) in the environment Pemko Padang is still low. Supposedly, the procurement target at each SKPD first half of this 40 percent, but is still below 25 percent.

The low supply project in six SKPD dilengkapinya was caused not by the planning documents and related SKPD auction. Sixth SKPD it is the Office of Communication and Information (Diskomimfo), District Lubukbegalung, District Bungus, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Section of Land and Public Works Department (PU).

This was revealed by the Head of Procurement Services Unit (ULP) Padang Afrizal BR, Tuesday (28 / 6) in his study. "Currently there are 28 SKPD within Pemko Padang who submitted tenders to the ULP in the outer districts. The total value of tenders of 28 SKPD amounted to Rp65, 3 billion with the number as many as 115 packets, "he said.

He mentioned, of the total value of the proposed tender, a total of 40 packages have been realized with a total value of tender Rp26, 8 billion, while the package bidding in the tender process 28 packages with a value of Rp21, 8 billion.

While that would be a tender process with a total of 37 packets Rp17, 3 billion. "There are three stages of the tender process is due to differences in the process of submitting planning SKPD, tender documents and tender specifications," he explained.

Of the projects submitted tenders to the ULP SKPD, a total of 5 packages failed tender. Five packages failed to tender details 2 packages because there is no demand, and 3 participants did not meet the requirements of the package.

Two packages that no demand is the submission of tenders from the economy of the study of mineral potential of PT Semen Padang and C Tera Birthday proposed procurement Disperindagtamben. Three tender submissions is less demand is tender project proposed by the department of Communication and Information (Diskomimfo) about the master plan tower together, the procurement of goods overland conveyances box and fence Environmental Impact Control Agency (Bapedalda)

"Three conditions must be met while following the tender, namely administrative requirements, technical and price quote. Throughout those requirements are met, ULP will process the submission of the proposed government tenders, "he said.

So far, there are six SKPD who occupy the highest rating in the project proposal of the proposed tender in SKPD concerned. Six SKPD it is Department of Industry, Trade, Mining and Energy (Disperindagtamben) Padang, Welfare Section, District Kototangah, Section Organization, District Padangbarat, and Environmental Impact Control Agency (Bapedalda) as much.

"The low bid in six SKPD realization of the project due to unprocessed and planning documents that have not been resolved SKPD. During the process of electronic bidding by the government has made savings of 4.5 billion. A total of Rp3, 5 billion from DAK funds and Rp 1 billion from the budget, "he explained.

Member of Commission III DPRD Padang Erison deplored the slow realization of the tender process conducted SKPD. In fact, with the tender process conducted SKPD can open employment opportunities and drive the economy. In this sixth month, the realization of the proposed tender should Pemko as much as 50 percent, instead of still below 25 percent.

"Just stay five months longer time to implement the proposed government tender projects. Whether in the time allowed to carry out program activities. We ask SKPD realization process of the tender at under 25 percent, have to work hard. Thus, budget allocations that have been plotted to SKPD its not redundant, "he said.

Democratic Party's cadre realization of tender regret in the Public Works Department (PU) which is still in the range of 13.34 percent. In fact, the PU is SKPD motor drive development. "We are very regrettable that this kind of performance PU.

In Padang are still many roads and bridges damaged holes have not been repaired after the earthquake. Why not work jor PU-rod to promptly carry out a physical project that is under their tupoksi. Obviously with the slow pace of this tender process, changes to the face of the city of Padang infrastructure will also not clean. This means that development is only running in place, "he said.

Erison mention, poor realization of tender submission process is done SKPD was a benchmark performance of SKPD concerned. He said, soon, Pemko and parliament will soon conduct discussions on the budget changes. Should, during the discussion of the budget can already known to the general picture of financial capability that can be used to finance other activities.

"We have allocated certain amount of money for each SKPD. If unable to implement the program, do not ask a lot of activities. Finally, the budget allocations that have been plotted so vain. In fact, the money could be used for other needs. This will be an evaluation of our current discussion for SKPD APBDP-SKPD have low performance in terms of the procurement process, "he said


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