SBY to Officially Kick off Bali Art Festival Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is scheduled to officially kick off the 33rd Bali Art Festival (PKB) at the Denpasar Art Center here on Friday.

"President SBY will officially open the PKB as well as the Bali World Culture Forum and ’Utsawa Sharma Gita’ which happen to be organized at the same time in Bali this year," Ketut Suastika, head of the Bali cultural office, said here Wednesday.

The PKB’s theme is "Self Adaptation in Multiculture", he said. "It means diversity and differences are beautiful. And it’s very relevant to the condition prevailing in Indonesia at present."

This year, the Bali Art Festival is participated in by artists from Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, India, Thailand, and Indonesia as the host.

On Saturday, the festival’s parade will start from the office of the Denpasar Mayor at 4 pm local time and end at the Art Center at 5 pm. The Festival will feature a total of 334 art and cultural performances by involving 15,000 artists at the Denpasar Art Center, from June 10 to July 9, 2011./kompas


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