Soeharto's Last Message to Jusuf Kalla

The late second president, Soeharto

JAKARTA, Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla lauded the late second president, Soeharto, as father of the nation. According Jusuf Kalla, since taking his first reign as president in 1965, Soeharto was able to put Indonesia's economy into its track after it plunged with its inflation of 600 percent.

JK stated that at his welcoming speech of "H.M Soeharto 90th Birthday Anniversary" simultenously held with the launching of a book on the president The Untold Stories at Purna Bhakti Pertiwi museum, Indonesia Miniature Park, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Kalla said the current development Indonesia has gone through lies on the foundation set by Soeharto. JK considered Soeharto upholding firmly the nation foundation Pancasila as well as the growth and equal national stability.

JK admitted Soeharto's shortcomings as a human being. However, JK said they could be taken as a lesson process by the nation.

"But I am sure if compared to his achievements to the nation, they mean much more precious than the shortcomings."

JK recollected Soeharto's last message conveyed to him before he died on February 27, 2008, as the impressive moment, right one month after the peace accord in Aceh was accomplished in 2005.

"Pak (Mr.) Jusuf, keep the stability and security of this country, keep them," said JK repeating what Soeharto ever asked him to do. (Ary Wibowo)


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