Spain releases three held over Sony hacking attacks YORK — Spanish police said Friday they arrested three people suspected of launching denial of service attacks against the websites of Sony Corp. and other companies, as well as those of several governments.

The three were later released without bail, according to the Associated Press, after police denied the suspects may be linked to the recent data breach of personal information of more than 100 million accounts at Sony, mainly of users of its PlayStation Network services. It was also reported that no evidence had been found indicating the suspects stole classified information.

The three are believed to be members of the international network of computer hackers known as Anonymous. They allegedly infected computers of other people via programs sent through a computer they set up in a northern Spanish city.

To disrupt operations, the infected computers were manipulated remotely to send high volumes of data to the websites of Sony, a Spanish bank, an Italian business and governments in Spain, the Middle East and Latin American countries.

Angered by Sony's legal action against a U.S.-based hacker, Anonymous staged attacks from early April, which the three are believed to have been involved in.

The three, who were arrested in Barcelona and other locations, were all Spanish nationals in their 30s, the AP reported.

Sony suspended online services for about a month following an April data breach involving more than 100 million accounts mainly of its PlayStation gaming systems.[tjt]


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