TDS hawkers Traders Increase Turnover Tour de Singkarak (TDS) 2011 and the city that greeted two dozen Lubuk With the ever lively by thousands of citizens who came to watch, thereby increasing the turnover of the traders osongan. monitoring along the way sudirman, seen many merchants who sell osongan in some streets. Wednesday (8 / 6).

Turnover osongan traders increased to twice a day usually with the Tour de Singkarak (TDS) 2011. passing through the Agam regency and the people gathered along the road watching Mohammed Hatta and Sudirman.

One trader freshwater (AIA Aka) Ujang (43) said that sales of water increased as the number of people gathered Mohammad Hatta street watching the racers pass through the City Lubuk cone.

Because Enthusiastic people are already gathered from the morning and added more hot weather, they became thirsty, so they are forced to buy fresh water.

"Because it's hungry for hot weather hit the audience took the initiative to buy merchandise to release my thirst" he described.

It said, sales of fresh water is increasing day is usually a two kalilipat, if today omsetnya Rp600 thousand, if the regular day 200 thousand and even then it gets sold until the afternoon.

"to this day I've sold out of merchandise, sayua akana home again along with the departure ofracers to Bukittinggi "

On the other Parties to the Head of Culture and Tourism Jabanur convey Agam regency, in the presence of TDs is osongan bermamfaat for traders, especially if the drivers are in the town of Lubuk finishnya cone can boost the economy of the traders and businessmen hotels in Agam District.

"For the Tour de Singkarak Year 2012 Agam District will try to get the drivers finish in the Agam" he described


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