Travel Stage II 220 Drivers TDS 2011 total of 220 riders from within and outside the country today, Tuesday (7 / 6) will take the stage II in the series of events the Tour de Singkarak (TDS) 2011, which occurred scheduled June 6 to 12.

In stage II, 220 riders divided into 24 teams will take the route along the 105 kilometers, with the beginning of the Cultural Park and ended at Padang Beach City Gondoriah Pariaman.

From Taman Budaya Padang, WAG will pass road Sulaiman Khatib, Rasuna Said, Sudirman street, Simpang Haru, Dr Sutomo street, Bridge Marapalam, Simpang Ketaping, Kuranji and street Simpang Kalumpang.

The next rider will pass fly over duku, Kasang New Market, Market Alung depths, Simpang Malalak, New Central Market, Sudirman (Pariaman), Simpang Ampar street, road Soekarno Hatta, Simpang Japung, Kurai Taji, Village apartment, Kata Beach, Markets Reef Fish Aur and finish in Gondoriah Beach, City of Pariaman.

After the riders reached the finish line is planned, all riders will diajamu with lunch with musical accompaniment gandang Tasa who became one of the traditional arts community.

In addition to a luncheon with music lacks gandang Tasa, the rider and all visitors were also entertained with a variety of attractions art of dance and various other cultural arts.

In these Pariaman, the rider and visitors can watch while enjoying the beauty of the beach Gondoriah while eating "sala lauak" which is the typical food of the area.

In addition, visitors who were there can also enjoy one of the famous culinary region, ie, "rice sek", where rice wrapped in banana leaf with curry and chili blend that is processed in such a way that a typical food Minang realm.

TDS 2011 will pass through 12 of 19 districts / cities in West Sumatra, and the festival will close with the Twin Lakes in the District of Solok.


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