West Sumatra Target 1000 Ton Tuna

Padang ekspres.net-Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) Sumbar target export 1,000 tonnes of tuna this year. Last year, West Sumatra are only able to send 700 tons.

To support the increased production, the DKP add ship unit to arrest and empower former school student cruise.

"With the addition of the ship, we can empower sailing school alumni who currently work outside their expertise. If calculated, this year alone recorded 150 students cruise the work does not fit their expertise, "said Chief DKP Yosmeri Sumatra to Padang Ekspres, yesterday (29 / 6).

Empowerment alumni cruise, said Yosmeri, to help them absorb technology from foreign investors so that their competence increases.

Moreover, currently needed experts who could catch the tuna, especially native son, so that later they can help the government achieve those targets.

In addition, continued Yosmeri, not only former students who will engage successful fishery enhancement tuna exports. Later, West Sumatra DKP will also cooperate with local fishermen. "They will become the crew that will be given the central government. The plan, West Sumatra manerima assistance will ship as many as 10 units next year, "he explained.

West Sumatra region that has a source of tuna fish in the Mentawai Strait. During this time, exported to Japan and America. Due to increasing demand, resulting in some investors from Japan are planning to invest in West Sumatra, by providing fishing vessels catching tuna.

According Yosmeri, obstacles faced today is the difficulty of milkfish cultivation which is the bait for tuna. Bait needs each month to reach one million chickens per month.

What can the West Sumatra government sought new 50 thousand heads. "To get around that, Mr. Vice has ordered the cultivation of milkfish in self-sufficiency, and need not depend on Java. Later in some places, the cultivation of an appeal is imminent, "he explained.

Constrained fuel
To achieve the target, Yosmeri recognized, there are still some obstacles. Among other things, fuel oil (BBM) type diesel. Supposedly, fuel depots for fishermen there should be two units in the area of ​​the Gulf Bungus mourning. Now, only one unit of fuel depots for fishermen.

"Regarding the issue, we have coordination with Pertamina center, but they have not done the construction for the depot that will be allocated to fishermen.

The plan, the matter will be discussed again with Pertamina Padang, because there has been a command center firm Pertamina to build refueling stations fishermen (SPBN) that, "explained Yosmeri.

So that the target could be achieved, said Yosmeri, several aspects need special attention, namely the issue of security, fuel, and transportation. "Most major obstacle today is the fuel problems," he said.


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