Anis: Ceramah Zainuddin Brighten

Padangekspres.netp-Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Anis Matta said bemoan the death of KH Zainuddin MZ which is known as "Dai Million People 'today, Tuesday (05/07/2011). According to him, Zainuddin was one of the cleric who is also quite memorable in his life.

"During this time he was known as a cleric who enlighten the people of Indonesia. I baseball never met in person, but often listen to his lectures," he said at the House of Parliament on Tuesday afternoon. PKS is directly Politicians say "wa inna inna lillahi ilaihi raji'un" so listen to the news berpulangnya Zainuddin who often preached on radio and television.

Zainuddin MZ died at Pertamina Hospital, Tuesday noon. The bodies buried in the funeral home, I Gandaria Road Gg H AOM No101, South Jakarta. Zainuddin had become an actor in several films like "The tone and Propagation" (1992). He also has a political career since the sitting members of the Regional Representatives Assembly (1997-1998). In the reform era, Zainuddin had served the Chief DPP United Development Party (PPP) (1999-2002), later became Chairman of the Reform Star Party (PBR) the Congress I (2005-2010).


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