Brawl, 12 students secured Padang Police Members quite a week school year, but the fight has begun to color the world of education in the city of Padang. Because last Wednesday (13 / 7) at about 13:00, hundreds of students from eight schools involved in the brawl action Imam Bonjol Padang, is more severe among these students are carrying a sharp object like a samurai and a knife.

In this action 12 students who participated tawurab successfully secured by the police. Among the students who secured were from different schools including nine students from SMK Padang Kosgoro, two students Muhamadiyah 1 Padang, and one person from Smk 1 Padang. 12 people are pelaja, M. Fadli, Sanfadi, Iksan Raka, Dani, Seprima Deden, Efri Mulyadi, Eka Kurniawan, Aldo Dinata, Rudi, Budiman, Yudi, and Rudi.

Meanwhile Questioning chronological brawl, according to Aldo, one student from SMK Kosgoro Tauran was started when students from SMK Kosgoro, Muhammadiyah, SMK 1, and Kartika was sitting in the Imam Bonjol Padang, was attacked by the students of STM 2 Padang, SMK PGRI 6 Padang, Labor SMK, SMK 5, and SMK YAPI.
"Once that happens the action to attack each other between the two camps, ranging from the action of throwing stones. Until there from the opposite sides are carrying knives and samurai. Until shortly after the action of the units attacking each member of the Police immediately arrested pelajaar Padang involved Tauran and taken to Mapolresta Padang, "explained Aldo.

About 100 students were involved in Tauran came from different schools including Kosgoro SMK Padang Padang SMK 1, 5 Padang SMK, SMK Earth I and II, SMK Labor, YAPI SMK, SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Padang, STM 2Padang but which can be secured only 12 students only. While students who bring weapons can not be secured.

Aldo revealed, these issues are sulah old, due to reports of his friends from SMK Kartika is blackmailed by a student of SMK Padang PGRI 6, which has provoked anger from her friends until it happened Tauran.

Meanwhile, 12 students secured in Mapolresta yangberhasil Padang. Will be developed in order to provide a deterrent effect and make a statement will not repeat such actions. And will be returned after calling the headmaster and the student's parents


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