The case of Mark Up Road IKK burst, legislators from the Democratic Faction Fifty City revealed the presence of the alleged mark-up on the mega projects the Capital District (IKK). Allegations, presented the City Treasurer DPC Fifty PD in the general view of the Democratic Party faction in the local parliament plenary session yesterday.

Aida request, the authorities need to follow up on indications of the alleged mark-up funds amounting to Rp399, 9 million on road construction projects are still being neglected CCI. "We hope, authorities officials, duagaan can follow up on cases that had been precipitated. Including one of them, alleged that CCI pembnangunan road, "said Aida.

The same opinion was also expressed member of the Golkar faction, Syamsul Mikar, the general view. He requested that law enforcement agencies to investigate alleged mark-up that occurred in the implementation of the land compensation IKK. "We hope the prosecution in order to address the cases that arise," please Syamsul Mikar.

Previously, to reporters, the head of the local Public Works Department, denied the allegations Yusdianto Yuswar mark up ever presented council members. Recognized Yusdianto work items that have been done, been through a mechanism that is already checked and the State Development Finance. (BPKP). "From the results of the BPKP, not true mark up on the CCI project," said Yusdianto

Mengapungnya suspected cases of mark-up on CCI projects, mainly in road construction work at the office complex of Regents and the City DPRD Fifty done by KSO PT. Nindya work with PT Lubuk Minturun with a contract value of the parent Rp22.907.567.000 .- Initially be addressed seriously by the District Attorney Payakumbuh.

"The existence of the alleged mark up on the CCI project, already in the form of a special team of 8 people assigned to conduct the investigation. Including collecting data on the CCI project. "I Tri Karyono.

To the members of the Journalists Hall Limopuluah Badger, Tri Karyono, never claimed to be down to the project site to collect data sekaitan with the CCI project. "Throughout the alleged mark up these facts supported the law, we will prosecute to the bitter end." He said.


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