Chili sales drop, Onions surge of Ramadan, the sale price of agricultural products continued to surge, except for chili that does not move the price around Rp5.000 -Rp6.000/kg.
While prices continue to creep up the other vegetables. Onion for example, has reached Rp12. 000/kg, leek Rp5. 000/kg, achieving Rp8.000/kg potatoes, as well as the lo bak has penetrated Rp4.000/kg prices.
"The price of chili is still not moving from Rp5.000/kg," explained the Memorandum, a farmer in the Air Batumbuk, District of Mount Talang, on Singgalang, Friday (22 / 7).
Memorandum of thought, the falling price of chili in a long time is due to the abundant stocks. In the harvest season is now almost all chili farmers feel the increase in yield than usual. Yield increases than normal when grown in the same land and get the same treatment.
Some farmers compare, usually on land that is now working on the highest yields only 230 kg / harvest or every week, but now yields reach 400 kg / harvest. Other farmers also feel the same. So an increasing number of farmers harvested nearly all the chili, so the stock chilli flooding the market.
Even if prices come down and chili at the lowest price in the last five years, but other vegetable prices actually rose. Even the radishes on the previous harvest had not harvested, was now the price jumped sharply. Whereas before tens of tons of turnips left to rot in the fields.
"TURNIP I have about 100 tons more were left to rot in the fields," said Syafrizal. How is it possible to harvest it because the price of rapeseed is only Rp300/kg. And that's hard to find agents or middlemen. Even harvest it because no one wants to be harvested when it will be more losers, after being expelled lift wages, cut AIE, then nothing can be gained by farmers. So left to rot, so it can still be used as fertilizer.
Because of crop failure, many farmers are turning to other crops, such as chili, chili consequently became cheaper. While farmers are back farming turnips slammed over that price, now can smile because they can sell the turnips with a high price. Likewise onion farmers can now breathe relieved as prices continue to soar. Even the price of onions which previously survived Rp6.000/kg, has now reached Rp10.000/kg, and some even sell Rp12.000/kg. as are leek, which usually can only be sold Rp1.500/kg, now also jumped to Rp5.000/kg.
Price tomatpun go soaring. After being slammed into Rp1.000/kg prices, now the price of tomatoes reached Rp4.000-Rp5.000/kg.


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