"Dai million faithful "Zainuddin MZ die

Padangekspres.net-KH Zainuddin MZ which is known as "Dai million faithful" died here on Tuesday (05/07/2011). Similarly, information received Kompas.com. The news received from the Sys NS states, Zainuddin MZ died at Pertamina Hospital. Currently no further information when and where the bodies would be buried. The bodies buried in the funeral home, I Gandaria Road Gg H AOM No101, South Jakarta.

As per data Litbang Kompas, Zainuddin Zainuddin MZ has a full name Hamidy Turmudzy, born in Jakarta, March 2, 1952. He has a background education in the Department of Comparative Religion Faculty of IAIN Ushuluddin Sharif Hidayatullah.

Zainuddin was known since many recitals on the radio and fill in the various mosques and mushala since 1975 in various regions in the country. In addition, he also became an actor in several films like "The tone and Propagation" (1992).

He also has a political career since the sitting members of the Regional Representatives Assembly (1997-1998). In the reform era, Zainuddin had served the Chief DPP United Development Party (PPP) (1999-2002), later became Chairman of the Reform Star Party (PBR) the Congress I (2005-2010).


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