Again, Malnutrition Case Found in Pasbar, cases of malnutrition are found in Pasaman West (Pasbar). This time it happened to the pair anes (43) and Misbah (43), resident ellipsoid Simpang Rabat, District Trenches Balingka Koto.

His son, aged 4.5 years Wafiatul AHDI allegedly indicated experiencing malnutrition. She suffered severe malnutrition with weight loss is only about 8 Kg, of normal weight people.

Recognition of his parents, anes (43), his son suffered malnutrition since 3 years ago. The disease is known as his son was taken for treatment to Pukesmas Maid (Pustu) District Trenches Balingka Koto, Pasbar. At that time, his son said disease of malnutrition.

Despite having received treatment from a midwife and healer village, until recently, his son does not go away. Shortage of funds into the cause of children not getting proper treatment. So that the healing process so that their children be forced to be admitted to a maximum of improvised at home.

Understandably, he only worked as a handyman who earn Rp40 thousand per day. With the money that he support his family of eight people. So he's very difficult to treat her son.

Misbah, living in a house that is very simple. The walls of his house only made of wood measuring 5x5 meters. The roof was made of leaves rumbio. Inside the house, there are only 2 beds made of wood with no mattress. The only thing of value owned by the family is an old bicycle Ontel.

"I want this child recovered, but alas I have no money to take her medication. He is the son the only one in this family. I do not know what to do, can only hope to wait for the generous helping hand to help cure my son, "he said sadly.

Separate place, Chief Medical Officer Pasbar, Esveri Bry K, while in this paper confirm the discovery of cases of malnutrition associated recognizes there are many toddler-toddler in Pasbar with poor nutrition and malnutrition.

"If being recorded up to the level ellipsoid-ellipsoid, we find many cases like that of this Wafiatul. We're so overwhelmed to collect data, because the budget for data collection, there is nothing that we can not do much, "said Bry.

Responding to the findings of this poor nutrition, it appealed to the public, so that parents can enable existing posyandu its region respectively.

"So far, we see the public is less concerned about the existence of posyandu. Therefore, we'll let the public in order to re-creating the IHC, because the IHC's many services and important information that we usually get associated with health care to the community, "


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