Flood mourners Funeral Home Zainuddin MZ

Padangekspres.net-Thousands of mourners flooded the funeral home (late) KH Zainuddin MZ who dies after a heart attack on Tuesday (07/05/2011). From the observation Kompas.com, not a few of them come with koko dressed, shirt and jacket assemblies of dhikr. Many of the mourners came in groups.

Meanwhile, condolences wreath was displayed from the lips Road H. AOM RT001/RW08 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Until now, the bodies of "Dai million faithful" was the middle of the mosque Fajrul dishalatkan Islam which is about 100 meters from the residence Zainuddin. However, because quite a lot of mourners, the prayer remains were carried up to two times to facilitate the mourners who wanted menshalatkan Zainuddin.

"I really want to thank the congregation. On behalf of my oldest son in the association apologizes if my father's day to day there are acts that are not pleased, if there are rights that must be resolved please contact us. May the deeds of the deceased received," said the child Zainuddin oldest, Fikri Haikal.


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