Grief president SBY to Zainuddin MZ Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono bemoan the death of KH Zainuddin MZ, Tuesday (07/05/2011). It also conveyed condolences to the families Zainuddin, known as the "Dai million faithful" it.

"President mourn, especially to families," said presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha told reporters at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday.

The President is scheduled to wake to Zainuddin's residence at the funeral home in Jalan Gandaria I Gg H AOM No. 101, South Jakarta.

H Komarudin, one of the parties who claim to know near KH Zainuddin MZ, ensure that "Dai million faithful" died after suffering a heart attack.

"It's been confirmed he died. I got the news he had a heart attack," said Komarudin when contacted here Tuesday.

Similar reports came from the Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulama KH A Cholil. "Yeah, I heard the news from radio Elshinta. On the radio it was reported that a person's identity Zainuddin MZ ICU was rushed to Pertamina Hospital in a state of lifeless," said Cholil.

"I really have not heard from her family, but I would contact his family," said Cholil.

Cholil not expected if the kiai is well known by it will cover age, a heart attack. "Shocked yes because he had no complaints hurt anything," said Cholil.


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