House to propose lawsuit to speed Century bailout probe

The House of Representatives’ supervisory team overseeing the Bank Century bailout case plans to use the bank’s former owners’ lawsuit, which was filed with the International Court against the Indonesian government as new evidence that might encourage the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to accelerate its investigations.

Supervisory Team member Akbar Faisal said that the lawsuit from former Century controlling shareholders Hesham Al Waraq and Rafat Ali Rifzi regarding the bailout was likely linked to graft that led the government to bail out Century.

“The owners themselves wondered about the government’s decision to bail out the bank. Law enforcement officers may find something from this,” Akbar said, as quoted by on Saturday.

“We hope that law enforcement institutions will use it as new evidence,” Akbar said.

Hesham and Rafat filed an international arbitration lawsuit against the Indonesian government in May this year, only months after the Central Jakarta District Court convicted them in absentia to 15 year in prison and a Rp 3.1 trillion fine to be paid to the state for numerous alleged instances of bank fraud. Prosecutors said that Hesahm and Rafat’s crimes led the government to disburse Rp 6.7 trillion

(US$744 million) to bail out Bank Century.


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