Hundreds of truck driver strike, Road Solok, Padang Loss of entering the officer blocked the Bridge Auto Scales (JTO) in Lubuk Basil, tens or even hundreds of truck drivers held a mass strike on Friday (1 / 7).

As the impingement of disappointment towards the government, they also jointly parked vehicles on the roads across the Sumatran (Jalinsum) Lubuk region Basil, great jams along the 5 km inevitable.

It is thought to be triggered by the enactment of restrictions terhdap freight tonnage by the Government of West Sumatra Province, as of July 1 all types of vehicles especially trucks that cross Jalinsum only allowed a maximum of 20 tons. Violators are required to reduce the charge according to the standard limit before entering the JTO. Regulating the conduct is not only the responsibility of the Provincial Transport Department, District / City-West Sumatra, but also involves personnel combined.

But instead of these rules be obeyed, even tens or even hundreds of truckers suddenly cranky. To vent their disappointment, they necessarily simultaneously held a mass strike, and parked vehicles on the roads.

As in the causeway area of ​​Solok, Padang Lubuk Basil, trucks bertonese high until last night still desperate ngetem the roadside from the direction of Solok, because the drivers are reluctant to reduce the volume of cargo entering the JTO Lubuk Basil. As a result of a two-way traffic (Solok, Padang) along the 5 km inevitable, Solok district police personnel participated Satlantas deployed to minimize the situation.

Suhendri, 35, CPO tanker truck driver claimed to know a new and very disappointed by the enactment of regulations by the provincial government, the rule impartially considers the driver. He said the charge limit according to the standard is impossible to be realized, because as long as this would overload the drivers that are relied on for money spending by the drivers, as well as himself.

"If the charge is reduced, could-be child-wife at home could starve to death would it be," he says.

To vent their disappointment, she co-laden vehicle parked 27 tons of palm oil on the roadside Lubuk Basil with other vehicles.

Suhendri claiming undue load goods from Timpeh Dharmasraya it should be up in the Gulf port Bayur bayur lunch at 12.00 pm, but due to circumstances ended up hanging in Lubuk basil since morning. He does not know what to do, but resigned to wait until the new policy.

UPTD head JTO Lubuk Basil, Yusril said the policy limiting the tonnage merupakani West Sumatra provincial government policy, while peugas JTO just implementing it. "This provincial policies, we only carry out their duties," he said.


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