Indonesia does not have child friendly cities: UNICEF

The United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) said that there is not one city in Indonesia that complies with its “child friendly city” criteria, adding that the closest to compliance was Surakarta, Central Java.

“There are five conditions for a child friendly city, namely the fulfillments of child rights, services that support child growth, supporting child participation in the family, community and society,” UNICEF Child Protection specialist representative Naning Puji Yulianingsih said Saturday as quoted by

Naning said in Surakarta the city administration had provided a “platinum card” for poor children, which could be used to access premium medical services, as well as discounts at book stores, along with many other benefits.

She added that the main problem in Indonesia was always the government’s lack of commitment, even though it had ratified the UN convention to be a child friendly country. Implementation in the field, however, was far from satisfactory.

“Most local government officials only focus on projects that offer them benefits. Other than that, they show little commitment,” she said.


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